Alicante Rabasa Airport

Historical approach and aerodrome charts

Aeródromo de Rabassa / Aeropuerto de Alicante, Rabasa - Cartas de aproximación históricos

For historical information only, do not use for navigation or aviation purposes!

Location Indicator: LEAL (same as today's Alicante-Elche Airport)

The airport is closed, the control tower still exists and stands today on the premises of the University of Alicante (Universidad de Alicante) in San Vicente del Raspeig.

In the 1960s

NDB approach chart Alicante Rabasa Airport, Spain 1960
NDB approach (October 1960)
The field has no runways, the size of the unpaved movement area is given in feet: 1397 m (4583 feet) x 1100 m (3609 feet).
(Source: US DoD)

Source for all maps, if not marked otherwise: US Department of Defense (US DoD)


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Historical approach charts - Spain

Historical approach and airfield plates


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