RAF Woodbridge

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User: US Air Force (USAF)

In the 1950s

NDB approach chart RAF Woodbridge, 1954
NDB approach (May 1954) - Airfields in the vicinity: Bentwaters, Debach, Felixstowe Seaplane Base, Framlingham, Ipswich, Leiston, Martlesham Heath, Mendlesham, (Source: US DoD)
Airfield map RAF Woodbridge, 1954
Airfield (May 1954) - Besides Carnaby and Manston, Woodbridge also received a long and, at 229 m (750 feet), particularly wide runway as an emergency landing field for bombers during the Second World War., (Source: US DoD)

In the 1960s

NDB approach chart RAF Woodbridge Air Base, United Kingdom 1960
NDB approach (October 1960), (Source: DoD)
TACAN approach chart RAF Woodbridge Air Base, United Kingdom 1960
TACAN approach (October 1960) - The procedure uses the TACAN beacon of the US base RAF Bentwaters in the immediate vicinity., (Source: DoD)

Source for all maps, if not marked otherwise: US Department of Defense (US DoD)


only 5 km away
Airfield map RAF Bentwaters, 1954
83 km away
NDB approach chart RAF Manston, United Kingdom 1954
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